16 January, 2016

How to download and convert any video as you like.?

Hello Bloggers and friends, i'm returning to "The Flash Blogger" and posting continued with a special utilities for Windows 10.
 A private experienced & skills for Computer in IoT , "buzzzz..." and only on my blog.

Total Video Converter Software.

Theflashbloger brought to you for free download and used .Please keep in mind 2 tips related from now.
  1. Softwares always come with an optional file attachs for key to free using.I'll noting on every post related. Just for you to used and don't RE-shares.
  2. A minor file in zip when extract with tip make all things very easy. 
  3. Download Total Video converter .full-used .

14 August, 2011

YouTube Country Restrictions :how to bypassing for Watch Videos In Any Country

How to tips for YouTube Country Restrictions bypassing and Watch Videos In Any Country.
The Youtube geographical video viewing restrictions were easily bypassed using a simply URL trick shared earlier, however the hack is no longer working so here we have a new working solution to view videos without the regional/geographic block anywhere in world.

As Google has clearly explained why a particular video is being blocked in your country you can easily bypass this limitation by accessing the video from any other countries proxy or vpn.

The problem with this solution is that due to high-bandwidth costs not all free proxies/vpn services support video streaming, luckily one such free service gets the job done works well and all you need to do is to access the video from Hide My Ass proxy.

A last goodbye to Jim Morrison The Doors

A last goodbye to Jim Morrison ,the Doors front man.This clip was a latest revealed story about his death ,Finds more myterius -curious story with videos on a blog telling about Jim go to Jim Morrison blog on Blogger .

New video clip REAL STORY about Jim Morrison death,The End book.

This new video we make for replace our clip on Youtube about Jim Morrison.At this time (' watch video clip'), clip Real story on zunevn channel also in this cause ,it' was NO AUDIO , beside that we added the new clip for your interests about Real story of Jim.

Also a Video clip of Jim about alive story.?!

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